At August Building Company (ABC) we are not satisfied with being a good builder and are continually striving to be the best in order to provide our clients a finalized product we are proud to put our name and reputation on.  This desire for excellence is the cornerstone of a successful project. ABC commits to excellence through collaboration, teamwork and dedication in order to satisfy our clients while fulfilling our mission.

As a trusted General Contractor we believe in establishing, developing, and maintaining synergy to effectively accomplish our goals and objectives on a given project.  Working collectively from both within and externally; our aim is to be a trusted partner working congruently with our client, design team, subcontractors, and all other partners associated with the project to deliver excellent results.

At ABC, we provide our clients with a personalized service; a builder they can trust with a commitment to integrity with any project.  Whether the job is big or small, we understand the questions and challenges facing our clients.  We are committed to providing a range of services predicated on serving the client’s needs and fulfilling their dream and vision.  Our goal is to create beautiful buildings of enduring value and our employees are dedicated to responsible service and quality craftsmanship.


Austin Wicevich

Core Values ~  Commitment to our Integrity

Synergy ~ Collective contribution

Fun ~ Our commitment to a sincere enjoyment for what we do!

Results ~ Delivering results to elicit client satisfaction

Trust ~ Building relationships through credible action and authentic relationship.

Proactive ~ Solving problems, finding solutions.

Diligence~ Working with committed intent through focused action.

Communication~ Efficient client communication and genuine care for our relationship.